MulSalt has been in operation since 2022 and is now among Tanzania’s largest producer of salt products. We provide reliable, high-quality natural salt to customers throughout Tanzania and around the East Africa.

We are proud of our ability to produce high-quality salt and we are committed to delivering on our vision of ‘providing our customers a great experience, every time.’ Our focus on safety is paramount, and we strive to protect and respect the pristine environments in which we operate.

We supply our markets with the world’s most essential mineral, and in doing so, play an integral role in enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Our Purpose, Vision and Values are our reason for being and will guide our decisions and behaviours.

Salt is one of the most commonly occurring and most widely used chemicals on earth. Cheetham Salt is used in many industries – from manufacturing food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, to treating skins and hides, and in pool treatment. It is a basic ingredient in cleaning detergent, and it is used to maintain water quality.

We have a long history of working with manufacturers to develop high-quality products. Our dedicated team can help you deliver the best solutions for your business.


What Type of Salt Is Produced?

Industrial Salt

Industrial salt, as known as washed salt, is mainly used in various industries as can be un-derstood from its title. The textile industry, chemical industry, oil industry, and the department of public services are the major sectors in which industrial salt works effectively

Food Salt

As the unique taste of our meals, table salt has its place in salt consumption. Salt intake is neces-sary for all human beings provided not to overdo it.

Pool Salt

Pool salt production is quite beneficial for those who desire a clean and healthy swimming experience. Pool salt reduces the hardness of the water and expectedly removes the harmful organisms from the pool.

Natural Raw Salt

Natural raw salt is a salt type that is procured from Ocean. Raw salt does not undergo any additional process to be used. With its cleanliness, naturality, and pure white form, it could be preferred in any area and sector needed trustfully.

Water Treatment Salt

Salt plays a key role in terms of recycling wastewater and saving natural sources for the fu ture. As the basic component of water treatment, water softening salt can be used in the houses as an individual precaution.

Animal Feeding Salt

Our animals also need salt consumption for their growth and development. Thus, our salt products are used for animal feeding as they are included in the daily vitamins and minerals that many animals require to take. Besides, salt feeding supports their immune system and helps them be healthier.

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